SHORT STORY: In 1861, the districts of Girgenti, Bivona and Sciacca were transformed into districts. In 1927, the districts were abolished throughout the kingdom, and in the same year Girgenti changed its name to Agrigento, following the province. In 1946, with the Special Sicilian Statute, the Sicilian provinces were eliminated, but in 1963 they were reconstituted in accordance with national legislation. In 1986, they were transformed into “regional provinces”. In 2014, the regional law provided for the suppression of the regional provinces replaced by “Free Municipal Consortia” and 3 metropolitan areas. An extraordinary commissioner governs each province while awaiting a new regional law for the new bodies. In 2017, Agrigento was the third poorest province in Italy, with an average per capita income of around 15,000 euros per year.

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